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In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Kamoto Copper Company runs a sizable copper-cobalt project with significant high-grade ore deposits and integrated metallurgical activities.

Kamoto Copper Company SA needed a cover that was affordable but would also withstand the abrasive elements of the African environment.

To secure, store and protect the material/product in the bulka bags from the weather on the Kamoto Copper site, Allshelter constructed two 26m wide x 90m long fabric covered shelters, known as ‘Relocatable Shelters’.

Two shelters that were appropriate for the local wind and weather were supplied to Kamoto Copper.

These shelters were the best option for Kamoto, as they not only provided significant cover and protection for their products, but also made room for larger storage options, enabling potential future growth.

The project management team at Allshelter made sure that the project’s design, fabrication, and installation went smoothly.

Protecting goods with an Allshelter fabric shelter

Fabric shelters have a wide range of applications. Installing a fabric shelter today may be one of, if not the, wisest investments you ever make for your business. An asset that can save and preserve your valuable goods and assets is a robust cloth shelter. It also offers excellent characteristics. It gives natural light and is simple to install. It can be moved and is adaptable. It can provide many functions in storage and protection for several project sites for certain companies in various industries, including mining, construction, industrial, waste management, and aviation.

Since 1999, Allshelter has been painstakingly designing, fabricating, and setting up several styles of fabric shelters that are proudly Australian-made, ISO-certified, wind-rated, and incredibly tough. And now they are also available through Container Conversions in South Africa. Based on your requirements, we can create fabric shelters that can endure more than 20 years and are supported by a 10-year warranty.

As per the client, the biggest advantages to using Allshelter structures are that they are less expensive than purchasing steel sheds and are quicker to construct than a steel shed.

If you’d like to know more about using Allshelter fabric shelters on your sites, please contact us for advice on the most suitable solution to your needs.