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Versatile and multi-functional parkhomes offer many solutions

As leaders in the modular construction industry in South Africa and surrounds, Container Conversions offers containers, flatpacks and park homes to provide temporary and permanent structures, suitable for multiple uses, such as classrooms, clinics, housing, ablutions, offices, construction camps and much more. 

All the options offer numerous advantages and selection of the modular structure you require is based on requirements and application. The Container Conversions team can assist in guiding you on selecting the most suitable structure for your needs.

There are numerous advantages to utilising park homes, however, and we outline some of these below.

ADVANTAGES of parkhomes

Speed of construction

Parkhome in production at Container Conversions factory

Completion of the structure is much faster than traditional brick and mortar. The units are built in the factory and are not affected by bad weather conditions. On-site delays do not play a part when constructing prefabricated buildings. In most cases, once the park home is completed in the factory setting, it is transported to the chosen site by truck. Should site conditions or building size dictate, units can be erected on site in relatively short time periods as well.


The standard units are far more aesthetically pleasing than a container with a chromadek external and internal finish. Aesthetic finishes can also be added to align with a company image or a specific colour palette – see the selection of units we did here matching the motel’s colour scheme and branding.

Demountable and relocatable

Container Conversions park home being delivered to site on flat bed truck

Park homes are both demountable and relocatable, resulting in a versatile structure that can be moved once it is no longer required in its current location. This makes park homes ideal for applications such as schools that may require their prefabricated classrooms moved to another area of the school property, or may just require temporary classrooms while brick and mortar classrooms are being built.


The 3-metre width of a standard park home results in a more spacious interior, and is often more suitable for requirements such as desk space, beds, and any furniture required. Bear in mind, too, that park homes can be adapted to specific requirements as these modular units can be joined together to make an even more expansive interior.


To reduce the carbon footprint, units can be built off-site in a controlled production environment, resulting in less wastage and environmental impact on the building site. The units align with the concept of a circular economy as they can be disassembled and the modules relocated or refurbished for new use, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimising the amount of energy expended to create a building to meet the new need.1 

Temperature control

Both the walls and ceilings of these prefabricated units are insulated resulting in a pleasant internal temperature. Additionally, they can be fitted with air conditioning if required. Windows are included ensuring access to natural ventilation and lighting as well.


Park homes are not just suitable for temporary needs but can also act as permanent structures and their aesthetics and construction ensure longevity. Park homes are also ideal for accommodation purposes, offices, clinics, and much more. A park home is a truly versatile solution to both temporary and permanent accommodation needs.

APPLICATIONS for parkhomes

Classrooms / educational buildings

One of the most important uses for park homes in South Africa is as classrooms. We have a huge need for educational structures, either due to a sudden or unexpected growth in an area’s school-going population, or due to ageing buildings that are no longer fit for purpose. Plus, of course, there are still areas that desperately need schools but do not have. There are two specific advantages to using park homes as prefabricated classrooms: the first is that they comply with the Department of Education’s requirement for 48 to 60 square metre classrooms (Container Conversions classrooms are 7x7m, i.e., 49 square metres), while the second is the speed of construction. It is quite common for a brick-and-mortar school to take a year or even more to be built, while park home classrooms can be built and erected in a matter of weeks.



Suitable for use as both temporary or permanent offices, a park home can fulfil the need for extra office space or act as a temporary office on a construction site. Here we see an example of a park home used a sales office on a newly constructed residential estate. Sturdy, comfortable and spacious, park homes work well as offices in a variety of sizes, from a large open-plan area, to fitting in a number of smaller private offices, to senior management offices.

Clinics and hospitals

The recent COVID-19 pandemic meant park homes were really able to shine as temporary clinics and hospitals in areas that had a sudden need for these healthcare facilities. Additionally, park homes were also erected as temporary laboratory facilities. While park homes are ideal in times of emergency, they also enable hospitals to expand their ward or operational spaces quickly, allow clinics to be erected easily even in remote areas, thereby enabling health departments and facilities to extend their services and their reach fairly easily. Spacious interiors mean there is more than enough floor space to set up ward beds and medical equipment.


Motel made up of parkhome units
Interior of park home motel room

Accommodation applications for park homes include temporary site accommodation for workers on construction and engineering sites; temporary or permanent student accommodation at universities and colleges; residential housing and cottages; and as accommodation for tourist facilities, such as motels and game reserves.  A number of floor plans are available and other combinations can be supplied on request. Available in various lengths, the park homes can be joined together to extend the area even further. They can incorporate bathrooms, and other fittings. Tell the Container Conversions team exactly what you need and they will ensure you are provided with a park home that is fit-for-purpose and finished to your requirements.

Ablution blocks

Exterior of park home ablution block
Park home ablution block with showers
Interior of park home ablution block

Another useful application for park homes is ablution blocks – either set up for schools, taxi and bus ranks, or for workers on construction sites or at factories. These ablution blocks can include shower stalls, washbasins, toilets and urinals in a number of different configurations. Container Conversions will ensure all plumbing fittings and connections are incorporated before delivery to site. If we consider how many schools desperately require ablution facilities, then a park home ablution block is a quick and easy solution.

Other applications

Prefabricated guard hut in an office entrance

There are so many other uses for park homes. Container Conversions has provided park homes to be used as computer training facilities, libraries, community centres and enterprise development facilities. These exceptionally flexible prefabricated structures can be fitted out with fixings, finishes and furniture to suit the application – just chat to the team or fill out an enquiry here.