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Container Conversions recently collaborated with BraaiBoy to help bring his unique flavour to the newly completed Hatfield Square 2.0.

Together they created the perfect kitchen for the BB Bistro to work its’ culinary magic, once again showcasing the versatility and cost effectiveness of containers in the modern world

What is Hatfield Square 2.0?

The “older crowd” will fondly remember the original Hatfield Square, and Hatfield Square 2.0 has tried to capture some of that nostalgia (and create some new vibes) right next to where the old Square used to be.

Situated on the corner of Hilda & Prospect Streets in Hatfield, there are two bars, a coffee shop, convenience/spaza shop and a piercing/tattoo parlour. Upstairs there’s a salon/barber and (depending on when you’re reading this) more stores will be opening soon… all built out of containers. In the middle of the square is a communal chill-out area to enjoy your food and drinks.

Watch the video to find out more about Container Conversions and Hatfield Square 2.0