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Containers proved to be the solution for the Redline Racing Club, located in Edenvale, Gauteng. While the Club had a track, what it really needed was storage and office space, as well as elevated driver stands.

Previously club members belonged to the Meyersdal Model Car Racing Club but politics resulted in their no longer being able to use the land the club was located on and, sadly, the club went dormant for five years. In 2001 Jonathan Wilken took up RC racing and became one of its biggest supporters. Determined to rejuvenate the club and encourage enthusiasm for RC racing, Jonathan struck a deal with Eden Meadows Shopping Centre. Centre management allowed him to utilise an otherwise dead zone and turn it into an RC track.

But the track needed some infrastructure to support it and Jonathan approached Container Conversions for a flexible and suitable solution. Requirements were:

  • Temporary structure that needed no foundations and could be relocated if required
  • Flexibility to reduce or add to the footprint if or when required
  • Short lead times.

A ‘double-storey’ container structure was the answer. The 12m container at the bottom is insulated and fitted with power points and lights, divided into two sections which allows an office and race control area/storage area. And then two smaller containers placed above provide elevated drivers stands in order for drivers to have a clear view of the track and their cars. Container Conversions also suppled a staircase to access the driver stands. The company also looks after the maintenance of the units under the hire contract

The containers have definitely proved to be the ideal solution. Should Redline Racing Club need to move premises, they can take their club structures with them. Should they need to expand, it will be very easy to add more containers. And best of all, it can all be done quickly – the club’s original containers were erected within a week.

The Redline Racing Club currently has 20 members and is looking to grow now that they have premises. An annual membership fee entitles members to reduced race fees. However, non-members are welcome to join in the races on payment of their race fees. Clubs get together on race days, with much rivalry and competitiveness taking place.

This is serious businesses – there are various classes ranging from beginner to the modified class. It’s a great hobby for all those ‘wannabe racing car drivers’ and is the next best thing to being a real race car driver. Races work in just the same way that normal full-size car races work, with drivers having to get through the qualifying races until they make it to the finals.

Enthusiasts come from far and wide – in fact, the 2018 IFMAR World Championship was held at the multi-million-rand Welkom RC Arena in the Free State. Jonathan himself participated in the Global race a few years back in Slovakia. The Euro Touring Series takes place annually and drivers and their cars come from all over the world to compete.

What sort of person becomes involved in remote control racing? Someone who would have loved to be a racing car driver! If that wasn’t going to happen, then RC is the solution. I say this light heartedly but, in fact, RC racing is a serious business with the really good drivers travelling all over the world to participate in international races. While it hasn’t happened in South Africa yet, there are drivers worldwide that make a living out of RC racing with paid sponsorships. Here in SA, the good drivers are also often sponsored, but this would be in the form of race entry fees paid or tyres sponsored. On the other hand, tyre sponsorship is a pretty big thing as these cars can take a pounding when they are racing around the track!

Maintenance of RC vehicles is as important as it is for a normal racing car or, realistically any road car, with RC shops providing services and repairs. Of course, you can do this yourself to if you’re so inclined – tyres, bearing, suspension, gear ratios and oil all need to be adjusted and maintained if you want your car to do well on the track.

If you think you’d enjoy the camaraderie, team spirit and competitiveness of RC racing, get in touch with Jonathan to find out more.

Tel: 084 550 0082
Facebook: @redlinercracingclub
Instagram: @redline_rc_raceway