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Serving a large community the Kloof & Highway SPCA in KwaZulu-Natal has its hands full when it comes to generating income to provide all the services it offers. It takes a team of dedicated and tenacious workers, together with generous donors, to keep this SPCA going. It also takes creativity and a proactive mindset when it comes to fund-raising.

When you’re offering an in-house animal clinic to the underprivileged; Outreach clinics to reach the rural and outlying areas; educational projects to the many schools in the area; have an inspectorate team responsible for investigating cruelty and preventing cruelty;  together with adoption kennels and catteries, you need to be innovative to fundraise and to operate optimally.

This is where the Village Green comes in – Kloof & Highway SPCA’s solution to generating operating expenses in order to continue to provide all of its much-needed services.

Situated on beautiful, tree-filled grounds, this SPCA doesn’t just have its kennels, cattery, clinic and maybe one thrift shop on its premises. No, the Village Green includes a tea garden, a large play area, live music on a Saturday, and a variety of bargain shops. It’s the perfect destination for a relaxing day out and you’ll be supporting the Kloof and Highway SPCA in the process.

Container Conversions stepped in when the association came up with its plans to expand its offerings and attract more visitors, thereby increasing its income generation. There are 11 containers located in The Village Green and all are converted into spacious and welcoming shops. You can find horse tack in one, books in another, a tuck shop, kids’ clothing, music and toys in others. There are also three containers specifically for donations – if you’re having a spring clean, then consider taking along your unwanted items.

There were only a couple of weeks between coming up with the concept and deciding to install this ‘container shopping centre’. Sarah van Heerden of Kloof & Highway SPCA says that the containers have proved ideal for the association’s requirements. All have glass sliding doors, are weather-proof and secure, and even have air-conditioning units installed for really hot or cold days. They were fun and rewarding to decorate both internally and externally – as soon as Container Conversions had delivered the various containers the team set to work.  As Sarah says, if you want a cost-effective and quick solution to your space and storage expansion plans, consider containers as a viable option. She credits Container Conversions with service, efficiency and going ‘above and beyond’ in the company’s support of the Kloof and Highway SPCA.

What’s next for Kloof & Highway SPCA? The greatest requirement currently is for an expansion of the animal clinic. The current economic downturn, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has placed enormous strain on the clinic with many more animals requiring treatment due to their owners losing income. The clinic is just not big enough to cope with the influx.

Once again, Container Conversions came on board, together with architect, Jimmy Velissariou and engineer, Ed Weakley. The plan is that the clinic takes over the administration block allowing them far more space for efficiency and work load. The administration staff then move into office containers that will be strategically placed to ensure that the beauty of the trees and property are taken into account, as well as getting the containers to be as environmentally friendly and as much off the grid as possible.  But, right now, this is just a dream and a lot more fund-raising must go into making it a reality.

In the meantime, remember Kloof & Highway SPCA when you’re clearing out your house, want to support a worthy cause or adopt a rescue or perhaps you just want to spend a lovely day outside. You will be helping them reach their dream of a larger animal clinic and supporting their fight against all animal cruelty.